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12-Month Program

Do You Want To Unlock Your Soul Purpose


(in your purpose) that gives you

Ultimate Freedom?

Are you a Born leader who knows

You're Here to Live Your DREAMS?

Are you ready to unlock your


Have True Impact on the Planet?

We want to personally work with you 1-on-1 over the next 12 months to find and step into your purpose then build a business from it that serves others (just like we have)...
Sneek-peek at the results...

"If you want to run a purpose based business that you can’t even imagine is possible you have to work with them! This was the best thing we ever chose to do... 
We've already made our money back" - Elise + Tim (Source88)


FIRST HIGH-END CLIENTS: $2,000 per client

8 Days of Marketing, New Course + Workshop 

2x PROFIT in 8 Months

Clarity on the right market, 3 weeks later SOLD OUT their First Retreat Ever

$118,000 Month (12 months earlier was at $9k)

FIRST ONLINE TRAINING: 67 People Registered

FIRST ONLINE TRAINING: Made over $50,000

FIRST TIME USING OUR SALES PROCESS Went and brought a new car


1ST ALLIANCE - 30 Sales Calls Booked, 21 Clients Signed $62,000 Month

5 Sales Calls Booked, $10,000 Made

What Will This 12-Month Program Do For You?

We've done it for ourselves, now we want to support you through the journey, show you how and share our resources + learnings! ~ Lucy + Milly

  • Find Your Soul Purpose
  • Create a Business living in your Soul Purpose + Gifts
  • ​Have all you need to be living the life of your dreams
  • ​Connect back to your True Self
  • ​​Get your Unique Soul Blueprint Map to guide you
  • ​Break through beliefs + behaviours blocking you from building your business and being seen
  • ​​Reprogram any limiting beliefs holding you back
  • ​​Get clear on who you want to serve and who your ideal client is
  • ​Get clear + build your businesses identity (branding, mission, vision, why + messaging)
  • Your businesses branding (logo, colours + photos)
  • ​Get your website and funnels built (sales process, webinar, live workshop, membership site)
  • ​Be ready to be seen in your gifts, share your knowledge and be seen in the world for who you truly are
  • ​​Trust Yourself and your path FULLY!
  • ​Make money while building your business and get coaching experience
  • Create your programs, sales process and offers - that align with the life you want to live #freedom
  • ​Learn how to use quantum energy to manifest your ideal clients with ease
  • ​Get speaking gigs + build authority in your market
  • ​Lean how to to get clients using social media and other marketing channels
  • ​Run a workshop (get the process)
  • ​Run an online training (get the process)
  • ​Get speaking engagements
  • ​Get media exposure
  • ​Learn how to share your story on stage and with others
  • ​Get the key tools, strategies + techniques to coach like a world-class coach
  • ​Be supported by a tribe of 10 other leaders going through the same journey
  • ​Opportunity to be a leader and coach in our programs (get paid while building)

  Plus much more - APPLY HERE NOW to get more information

Are you ready to get everything you need to 
live the life you've always dreamed of?

There Are Only Ever 10 People In The Mastermind Per Year - Most of our Existing Clients Join this Program so there are Very Few Openings. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up...

We offer this 12-Month Mastermind with a 100% guarantee that you will make your money back within the first 18 months
If you don't we will work with you for free!*

*if you follow our systems and processes and take action on our agreed upon plan

So, What's Included?
Let’s break it down for you...
Here's what you'll be getting...
  • 12x Group Training/Coaching Sessions: Online or in-person (depending where you're located)
  • 12x 1-on-1 Sessions with Milly: Going deep on unlocking your soul purpose, healing, breaking your limiting beliefs, tools + training on how to coach
  • 12x 1-on-1 Business Sessions with Lucy: Going deep on your business, your branding, marketing, attracting clients, building all your content (sales process, programs, client delivery)
  • Your Coaching Model, Coaching Tools (NLP + life coaching), Coaching Programs Planned + Structured for your ideal life #freedom
  • 1x Website + 4x Funnels Built: Our team will build your website, webinar, workshop, call funnel and a lead magnet funnel
  • 1x 7 Day Retreat in Bali: All inclusive luxury retreat in Bali, Indonesia (our second home). Deep diving into your business and doing ancient balinese processes to deepen your purpose and impact
  • ​Branding Package: Photoshoot with our photographer, support with logo, colours, business set-up + name
  • ​1x Soul Deep-Dive 1-day Workshop: a full in person day with the group to dive deeper into your gifts and purpose
  • 1x Performance, Leadership + Limiting Belief Breakthrough 1-Day Workshop: a full day in person with the group to learn how to speak on stage, gain your authority, break through fears + beliefs of being seen in the world
  • Opportunities to Coach Clients and Make Money Throughout the Process
  • ​​Your Soul Blueprint Map: Custom roadmap for your soul purpose, why you are here and what you need to overcome to achieve it
  • Membership Site: With all the trainings and tools to run your business and keep upskilling your coaching skills, soul purpose + gifts
  • Full Moon Ceremonies: Go deep with the group to learn ancient healing tools to unlock more of your purpose + gifts
  • Facebook Group with Support: Throughout the 12 month journey, to get support and guidance
  • ​Plus so much more - Apply to learn more

Client Results

Elise Kovacs (Source88)

Dan Kurlapski (YES&)

Amelia Jones (Personal Coaching)

this program is for you if you...
  • You are a Born Leader - you just are, your mum knows it, your colleagues know it and your teachers knew it
  • Are making $60,000+ per year (if this is not the case but you are very keen, please apply to discuss)
  • You are ready to do whatever it takes to find and live your purpose
  • You have 5-10 hours per week to dedicate to your growth and building your business
  • ​You have a deep hunger to serve others and have impact on the planet
  • ​You want to create a Freedom lifestyle on your terms, using your own gifts
  • ​You are open to getting out of your comfort zone and trying new ways of doing things
  • ​You want to get the tools + confidence to teach others
  • ​You are ready to unlock your potential and uplevel your life in every way
  • ​You've been afraid to be seen but you are ready to own who you are. If you are given the right direction, you'll run
  • ​You haven't had the 'AHA this is what I'm here' for moment in your life yet, but you feel it is brewing
  • ​You've been guided to this page and it just feels RIGHT!
Meet Lucy + Amelia

BBus, Certified NLP + Life Coach

Lucy and Amelia's purpose is to help leaders unlock their potential, live a life of fulfilment, purpose, freedom and service.

They've both overcoming childhood trauma and abandonment that turned to addiction at an earlier stage of their lives. Addiction to; work, alcohol, drugs, gambling, relationships (you name it - they’ve been there).

By 25 they'd overcome their addictions and became obsessed with finding the recipe for fulfilment and success. Between them they had all the material wealth, a $120,000 BMW, high-end wardrobe, trips all around the world, 6-figure business success but it still didn’t feel like it was ‘IT’.

They knew they hadn't yet unlocked their potential and weren’t living their purpose. They knew unlocking that was where their potential lived.

It took both of them selling everything, travelling 6 continents, working with some of the world's top coaches, business experts and ancient eastern philosophers. They tried more than 1,000 different tools and strategies, got qualified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching, Personal Training, Ancient Balinese Philosophy, Business Marketing + Management and Psychology of Eating, to FINALLY find the answers.

Today, the Queens primarily coach leaders and those ready to unlock their potential the things they learnt and found on their own journey. Giving them all the tools to find, step into their purpose, create a business that has impact and gives them ultimate freedom + fulfilment.

The Queens have been featured NBC, CBN + FOX and worked with coaches featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Today, BCC, ABC and many more.

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