A Deep Soul Journey, to Unlock Your Life Purpose + Gifts

Are You Looking For Your

Do you want to...

Unlock Your POTENTIAL,

Find + Start Living in Your SOul Purpose


TRUST Yourself (and your path) Fully?

I want to intimately work with you 1-on-1 to guide you to unlock your purpose, activate your gifts, and expand them into serving others with it...

Who's This For?

  • You know you're here for more
  • You've always felt different - you know you have innate power + gifts within you
  • ​You have a BURNING desire to help others and make a difference on the planet
  • ​You are ready and committed to do whatever you need to step into your highest self
  • ​You're open to 'more' (the universe, guides, angels etc)
  • ​You're a high achiever - but you know there's more in you - you just don't know how to get there
What Will This Journey Do For You?
  • Find Your Soul Purpose
  • Find Your Soul Gifts + Expand on them
  • Get Your Unique Soul Blueprint Map to guide you
  • ​Get 100% Confidence + Empowerment around who you are
  • Clarity on your Path Forward to BE, DO + Achieve your Purpose
  • ​Trust Yourself FULLY!
  • ​Get the Ancient Tools to continue your journey + activate more gifts
  •  Connect to your highest self, guides + team to support you
  • Clear + Heal past trauma
  • ​Reprogram any limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Find deep inner Fulfilment
  • ​Connect back to your True Self
  • Remove emotional triggers for good
  • ​More Energy + Inspiration for life
  • ​Learn how to use your gifts to serve others in them at the highest level (while bridging them)
  • Be ready to be Seen in your Gifts, share your knowledge and be seen in the world for who you TRULY are

Are you ready to find your purpose, activate your gifts and start living and sharing them with the world?

We're at a pivotal time in humanity... 
The planet is awaking to a higher level of awareness and your gifts and knowledge are needed

Take a Look the results from others who have undertaken the journey
"I've found out who I am on this journey. I finally have clarity on my purpose and path forward! I always knew there was more to life but I didn’t know how to access it until I went on this journey"  - Alice Hutcheon
"I know why I'm here now. I've always wanted to help people, I just didn't know how. Now I know in what way" - Georgi Barker
So, What's Included?
Let’s break it down for you...
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Personalised 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions: Online, where you'll go deep with Milly to pull back the layers and unlock what's needed: unlock your soul purpose, healing + breaking your limiting beliefs
  • Personalised, Intimate, Voxer Access to Milly: To support you through anything that comes up throughout the process and get higher guidance
  • 1x Soul Blueprint Map: Custom roadmap for your soul purpose, why you are here and what you need to overcome to achieve it
  • ​1x Gene Keys: To give you clarity on what you're here to support the planet in, and how to unlock your highest levels
  • Ancient Tools: High level tools to clear trauma, blocks and unlock your ascension process
  • Membership Site: 50+ tools and resources to empower you on your journey, giving you everything you need to live and reach your highest self + gifts
  • BONUS - Soul Journey Welcome Pack (valued at $70)

Client Results

Georgi Barker





Meet Amelia 'Milly' Jones

Certified NLP + Life Coach

Hi, I’m Milly and my soul purpose in life is to help others find their purpose and step into it, in the world (but I didn't always know that).

My journey has been a massive roller coaster, spanning some of the most amazing (and some of the hardest) experiences in the world.

I’ve struggled with a lot of addiction and abuse. Everything from… alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, exercise, smoking, relationships – you name it I’ve been there.

By 25 I'd overcome my addictions and put all my focus into trying to find fulfilment in other ways. I had all the material wealth, a $120,000 BMW, high-end wardrobe, trips all around the world, business success but it still didn’t feel like it was ‘IT’.

A few months later my life changed forever. I realised that I'd never be truly fulfilled if I wasn't living my soul purpose. I let go of my old life and went off in search of my true purpose in the world. 

It took travelling 6 continents, learning from some of the worlds best coaches and ancient philosophers. I tested over 1,000 different tools and strategies, got qualified as a certified NLP (neuro linguistic practitioner), Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Quantum Flow Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Psychology of Eating, Channelling and even Tarot to find the answers. 

Now I've found the answers, am living in my soul purpose, serving others with my gifts and working with my twin-flame. We've built a business that gives us full freedom and helps us share the answers around the world, so others can do the same. 

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