Do You Want To Find Your True Self,

Self Love + Grow Your Confidence?

Are you ready to get clarity on

your path forward AND FIND TRUE



I want to personally work with you to show you a different way to live your life, to have all of this in the next 90 days!
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"This was a fork in the road of my life. This course has changed my life"
Felicity Ey
"This is the best thing I’ve done for myself EVER. People need to know this stuff!"
Alice Hutcheon
What Will This Course Do For You?
Identify limiting beliefs + blocks that have been holding you back
Find Self Love
Find Your True Self
Bring you clarity and a pathway to true happiness + fulfilment
Overcome any unwanted behaviours + habits
Grow your confidence
Put yourself first
Live a more Fulfilled life
Install an unbreakable mindset to get through any situation in life
Own and express your truth with others
Connect and make like-minded friends with others on the same journey
Show you the possibilities of the life you can have + how to achieve your dreams

You can have (and deserve) a life of Fulfilment!

Are you ready for me to show you how?

"I'm so much clearer on my identity and I'm now shifting into who I actually am. 
I lacked the ability to see who I truly was before this course" 
- Georgi

So, What's Included?
Let’s break it down for you...
Here's what you're really getting...
  • 6x Group Coaching Sessions: Online via. Zoom
  • 2x 60 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions: Going deep on breaking your limiting beliefs + reprogramming to overcome blocks
  • 1x Outdoor Group Activity: Spend time in nature with others on the same journey
  • 1x Full Moon Ceremony: Go deep with the group on this fun evening tapping into your soul
  • Membership Site with Tools: Access all the tools you need to change every aspect of your life
  • Facebook Group with Support: Throughout the 6 week journey, to get support + accountability
  • BONUS - Self Love Welcome Pack (valued at $50)
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from the Self Love + transformation course

Felicity Ey

Alice Hutcheon

Molly Garcias

Jess Banelis

Danielle Sultana

Meet Amelia 'Milly' Jones

Certified NLP + Life Coach

Hi, I’m Amelia (my friends call me Milly) and my purpose in life is to help people live happier, more fulfilled lives and unlock their potential.

My journey has been a massive roller coaster, spanning some of the most amazing (and some of the hardest) experiences in the world.

In the past 10 years I’ve struggled with a lot of addiction and abuse. Everything from… alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, smoking, relationships – you name it I’ve been there.

I had everything we all strive to achieve - the car, the wardrobe, the 6-figure career, but I was so unfulfilled. 

It took me riding off my new 32 day old BWM to have the wake up call to realise I couldn’t live like this anymore and I had to find another way.

I travelled 6 continents to find the answers, tried over 1,000 different things in the attempt to find fulfilment and purpose in my life. 

Throughout the process I studied or got qualified in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), life coaching, personal training, psychology of eating, trained with ancient eastern philosophers and finally found a few key tools and strategies that truly worked.

I’ve now dedicated my life to helping all humans be free and happy to express their authentic self and have true fulfilment in the world.

Today, I work alongside my partner, Lucy, primarily coaching women who are aspiring to unlock their potential, find fulfilment, their soul purpose and create a life of freedom through our courses and programs.

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